How to make money in the app business?

We have been in business since 2013. The easy days of the app business are over. However! It's your lucky day! Here at Zeitaku we are always pioneering the next niche, wearable, and experimenting with the Japan iOS market.

Money Here!

"I have an idea for an app! It's genius!"

Believe it or not, many of us have had ideas that we thought were genius. Unfortunately, simply going ahead and executing an idea based on a gut feeling usually results in little success. Our methods and experience is the reality of the iOS AppStore. In other words, there is no free lunch, but there are certainly ways to still make lots of money with apps.

I have an idea!

The Japan iOS Market $$$

Did you know that Japanese love iPhones!? Roughly 52% of Japanese that had smartphones in 2015 had an iPhone. That's the majority of smartphone owners in a country with the most sophisticated electronics. Say what!?! And guess what else: When Japanese really like something, they tend to spend quite a lot of money on it. In other words, Japanese customers bring in some very significant bucks! Just Google it, you can find all sorts of proof.

Japan Money Please!

Are you ready for the new Gold Rush! In all projections, iMessage is predicted to be VERY BIG.

Zeitaku has already done quite well with iMessage, even though iMessage is a new platform. In fact, one of our Sticker Apps was at the top of the charts in the US and Japan. In fact, the app was so successful we were able to sell the rights to the app! $$$ Money NOW Yeyyy!


Plastic Surgery

One of our first apps. What we can tell you is this: Photo apps totally kill it and they kill it consistently.

Photo Apps

Making apps that earn and that people love!


Pebble Smartwatch iOS Companion Apps

Mostly specializing in GPS apps that work with your iPhone



Utility apps, from silencing unwanted calls to Speedometer apps for Apple Watch



With iOS 10's massive iMessage upgrade we are consistently pumping out multiple sticker sets from regional dialect stickers, to Japanese speaking kitties!


Japanese iOS market consulting and localization

Japan holds a very large chunk of the iOS market on par with as many users as China but also users that pay. In our experience, about 50% of our company income comes from Japan.

Making apps that earn and that people love!