29 May Welcome to Zeitaku Apps world!:)

We here at Zeitaku are app fanatics. Here is what we have done in the past and what we are presently focusing on:

In the past we mostly relied on photo manipulation apps and we tried to get into the gaming industry, unfortunately for us and fortunately for the big players, games simply didn’t cut it.

Thus, we started exploring new niches. This is what we are about as Indie developers! Find the niche and you can still make money in this game of apps. Some of the niches we have worked on and are presently working on now:

-Pebble Smartwatch apps

-Apple Watch apps

-Niche utility apps and CBC’s (content based codes)


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  1. Rob says:

    HI … Are you interested in developing an app with us that can measure specific areas of an industrial facility that needs remote camera measurement?



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